Motion What? Arc Who?

Motion Arc Studios. Yes that is our name. What does it mean you say?

Well we thought long and hard about this. We wrote down tons of names before landing on this one. And yes a lot of them were terrible. But that’s part of the creative process (I hope). If you haven’t decrypted it yet, here’s what it means.

Follow along. First word. Motion. Well we capture a sequence of moving images. We capture moments. We capture life in “motion”. Second word. Arc. Like the word story arc. The term is often used in episodic tv series on anything with an extended or continuing story lines  For example, when you see a character transform and change through a series of episodes, that my friends, is part of the overall story arc. Third word. Studios. Well, that’s what we are. A studio. That one was easy.

Motion Arc Studios. Now you know.




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