Color is Important

situation of the captain grade

Situation of the Captain graded in Davinci Resolve

Color grading, or color timing as it was referred to in the film days, is a crucial step in making great images. It’s incredible how much it can help create the mood and tone of the story. It is almost like it is a character throughout the film. Every video we create, is color graded through Davinci Resolve, a powerful color correction software that is used on huge hollywood movies. I am not bragging, I am just saying that we use the same software.

It also helps that I absolutely love grading our videos. I love seeing the transformation of a flat looking shot morph into something that pops out and focuses your attention. I love how color temperature can effect how you feel about a certain character or object. That it has the power of creating an emotional reaction. Do not underestimate the power of color.

Now this is just an intro post to the art of color grading. There is so much to cover. From the hardware side of things like computer requirements and codec to techniques like warm up the highlights and cooling off the shadows. Eventually, I want to post a workflow tutorial video on how I use Davinci Resolve. We am currently color grading a feature film right now so I will have some good examples to show you. I will also give a brief review of the colour board that we have, the Avid Color Artist. I think it is an important piece of equipement for serious grading and there are very little reviews about it online. So stay tune. Soon you will have some tutorials and videos to watch and won’t have to read about how I love warming up skin tones.

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