Your video production is finished…. Now what?

Having a quality video produced and getting it up on your website, or any of the video hosting sites out there, is one thing, but how are you going to attract your audience to that video? We hear this question regularly when shooting a corporate video.  One video marketing tip that will improve your chances of getting more eyes on your company’s video is to use keywords. This can be a very long and painful process when you first think about it, but start off with two simple steps…. 1)... Read The Rest →

A Great PreProduction Equals a Smooth Production

A Life Retold

  This is a post about our short film “A Life Retold” and our workflow. This was a small production. The script was five pages. We had a crew of five. It took one and half days to shoot. Simple right? Easy peasy. Well it was actually. Everything went well and we had no major problem on set. The editing was smooth and everything fit. So what the heck is this post about. Well it is about the reason why everything went so buttery smooth. This post is about preproduction... Read The Rest →

Color is Important


Color grading, or color timing as it was referred to in the film days, is a crucial step in making great images. It’s incredible how much it can help create the mood and tone of the story. It is almost like it is a character throughout the film. Every video we create, is color graded through Davinci Resolve, a powerful color correction software that is used on huge hollywood movies. I am not bragging, I am just saying that we use the same software. It also helps that I absolutely love grading our... Read The Rest →

Motion What? Arc Who?


Motion Arc Studios. Yes that is our name. What does it mean you say? Well we thought long and hard about this. We wrote down tons of names before landing on this one. And yes a lot of them were terrible. But that’s part of the creative process (I hope). If you haven’t decrypted it yet, here’s what it means. Follow along. First word. Motion. Well we capture a sequence of moving images. We capture moments. We capture life in “motion”. Second word. Arc. Like the word story arc. The term... Read The Rest →

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